Career Advancement: One Step at a Time

If you feel advancing your career is like a chore, you are on the wrong path.

I’m at the age now where many people I know have been finished school for some time, and are in the early stages of their careers.

Whether it be ‘lucking out’ and landing that dream opportunity, cutting their teeth at the bottom of the corporate totem pole, or hating their roles and thinking they made a huge mistake; we are all (in some capacity) in the work force, grinding away.

I’ve had many conversations over the years with fellow friends and colleagues on the notion of moving onwards and upwards from current positions – something that is both unique and consistent for everyone.

What I mean by unique is that, everyone wants to move on from their current role, but a large majority are hamstrung from doing so.

Maybe these individuals are impeded due to themselves, as discussed in my other article on too much specialization leading to stagnation.

It’s consistent where the overarching answer may not necessarily be that hard to think of, and a lot of individuals would benefit from considering a different train of thought.

When it comes to career advancement, it’s not something you take on as soon as you begin to consider moving on – it’s something you should inherit from Day 1.

Beginning a new role should entail learning the ropes of your position and never stopping.


A lot of us tend to hit the ceiling that the role limits us to and plateau afterwards.

However, the onus is on the person to take it upon themselves and push through that ceiling, and continue to learn and absorb as much as they can; even if they must ‘grow’ their current role.

By maintaining a consistent level of discipline to never stop learning, career advancement becomes just a matter of time.

Having to restart your engines after resting on your laurels, however, is a whole different ball game, and the odds are against you.

As mentioned above, career advancement shouldn’t feel like a chore – your new role should be an opportunity to not only earn a wage, but also to excel in that area and begin to move onwards from it after learning all that you can.

Therefore when it comes time to actually consider a new job, you are already prepared to do so swiftly and immediately. Not after having to add another 8 months after the fact because you realize that you lack specific credentials that you could have attained all along.

And if the latter happens to be you, then you become demoralized from the opportunity, and most likely stay put.

It’s a bit odd to be considering the job after the one you just obtained, but it’s a surefire way to be prepped and ready to go when the right opportunity arises.

Always be as many steps ahead as possible, and reap the benefits of doing so.


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