How to Know if You Live in Social Media Hell

Hell is an interesting topic.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Jordan Peterson’s lectures on psychology, and out of the tens of hours of content something especially caught my attention.

In one podcast episode, he discussed the idea of ‘personal hell’, and how easy it is to fall within it. He goes on to explain how you can see it in people everyday – giving the example of the uneasy feeling you experience when you see someone who is homeless and in complete misery.

Not the exact episode I was referring to, but still valuable information.


Relating this to personal growth, I feel there is a place where hell exists on the spectrum between the true image of oneself, and the fake persona individuals conjure in place of their image.

What I mean by the ‘fake persona’ is seen everywhere on social media.

Whether it be instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – an unfortunate amount of people feel the need to project a lifestyle or image that is not truly who they are.

A prime example of this is photoshopping images or ‘selfies’. This consistent social media pruning is time consuming, disingenuous and for 99% of users – not important.

So how does this relate to hell?

Back to the spectrum – where true image is placed on one side, and the conjured image on the other.

Somewhere in the middle, there are varying degrees of personal hell that exist depending on the person.

Although certainly not as damning as what Peterson talks of, but very relevant as this type of behaviour does effect oneself.

Projecting a luxurious lifestyle while not being able to afford it, claiming success and not disclosing failures, sharing moments of happy relationships that are in disarray. These are a few examples.

The list goes on.

Would you not agree this can be considered hell for most? The act of routinely lying about ones current circumstances?

I would.

These are moments where being honest with oneself is extremely important in order for any hope of growth.

Holding on to make belief not only is a misrepresentation, but it also shapes one into living in a very limited way.

How does this relate to personal or professional growth?

Believing you’re something you are not is dangerous – you can oversell yourself on your ability to do something, or miss out on opportunities thinking you are above them.

Others may also fall into the act, believing what they are seeing – which can go two ways. They will eventually find out what is truly under the veil and feel they have been fooled, or even worse, they will always consider you to be something that you are not.

Going deeper, perhaps they spot you from a mile away and see what you are trying to hide. Now you’ve already tarnished your reputation prior to introducing it to someone.

Whichever circumstance is worse, is up to you.

It can extremely hard to distinguish whether or not you are in this scenario, as the nature of hell is one that includes deceit.

However, all is not lost.

One thing I can suggest is taking the time to sit back and critically think about where you are in life.

Are you happy with what you have? And are you being honest about that answer?

If the answer is no, perhaps it’s time to start searching for why that is.



What did you think of this post? Feel free to leave any comments you may have below!

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